5 Effective Tips to Achieve the Best Summer Makeup Look

The summer is about long evenings with friends, sun-kissed beach, vibrant sunsets and relaxing days. Let’s also not forget about the makeup meltdowns, which are often a result of the increasing temperatures. As we move into the warmer months, our makeup routine needs to be adjusted. What is the challenge? The challenge? Maintaining an flawless appearance despite heat, humidity and sun exposure. We can help you maintain your summer glow, regardless of how hot or humid the weather is.

We understands the challenges that summer makeup poses. Sweat and oils can ruin your flawless look. With the right products and tips we can help achieve a long-lasting and radiant summer look. We’ll dive into our top beauty tips for summer and our best products to help you improve your routine.

Summer Makeup Challenges

Let’s start by talking about some of the challenges that we face with summer makeup.

  • Sweat and Humidity: The combination of high humidity and sweat can ruin the makeup you have carefully applied, causing them to smudge and crease.
  • Oily skin: Summer heat can cause an increase in oil production. This results in a greasy, shiny appearance, which can melt makeup.
  • Sun Exposure: A longer exposure to the sun can cause your makeup to change colour and oxidise, giving you an uneven look.
  • Melting Makeup: The scorching heat can cause makeup to melt and leave you with an unnatural look.

5 Effective Tips For Summer Makeup

We’ve now revealed our five tips for achieving the perfect summer makeup.

1. Start with a high performance foundation

A strong foundation is the key to creating a long-lasting makeup look. The High-Performance Foundation has been specially designed for summer. This face foundation cream offers seamless coverage and is enriched with skin-soothing Vitamin C and Niacinamide.

  • Benefits: The foundation has a skin-like finish, is crease-free, and lasts throughout the day.
  • Use a beauty sponge dampened with water to blend a small amount of the product evenly. This will give you a flawless and buildable finish.

2. Compact powder controls shine

To combat summer shine, set your foundation with Compact Powder. This compact powder is ideal for touch-ups while on the move. It will keep your face looking fresh and matte, no matter how hot the weather is.

  • Benefits: It is the best compact powder for absorbing excess oil and providing a lightweight, smooth coverage.
  • Use the sponge applicator included with the powder to gently press the powder onto areas that are prone to oiliness such as the T zone.

3. Universal shadows to improve your eyes

The eyes are the most important part of your face, especially during the summer months when you’re trying to keep your makeup as minimal as possible. Matte & Chrome Twin Eyeshadow allows you to easily switch from a matte eyeshadow for evenings and a shimmery eyeshadow for the day.

  • Benefits: This product offers two finishes in one and guarantees a 24-hour stay.
  • Application tip: Use the chrome to create a sparkling look for the day and the matte for deeper evening shades. Blend the eyeshadows at the crease to create a seamless transition.

4. Brighten your pout with hydrating lipstick

It’s important to use products that are suitable for summer and work well with your makeup. My Shine Lipstick, for example, is a product that keeps lips hydrated and vibrant with Vitamin E.

  • Benefits: This product has a glossy finish and is nourishing, making it perfect for the summer.
  • Use the heart-shaped tip to outline your lips, then fill them in. This will add definition and fullness.

5. Matte makeup fixer set all your makeup in matte.

Matte Makeup Fixer will ensure that your makeup remains in place from dawn until dusk. This spray will keep your makeup in place and ready for any summer adventure.

  • Benefits: This product extends the wear of makeup for up to 16-hours and gives a matte finish.
  • Application tip: Spray the mist in an “X” or “T” shape from a distance, covering your face completely. Allow it to settle.

Final Words

The key to achieving the perfect summer makeup is choosing the right products, and applying them correctly. Summer range has been specially formulated to make you feel and look your best in the heat. From our High-Performance Foundation, to our Matte Makeup fixer, each makeup product ensures that you shine in the summer heat.

These tips and products will help you transform your summer makeup. No matter what the weather, you should always choose a look that shows off your natural beauty.

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