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Free Ellus & Krue Skincare Sample Set

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Sample three of our signature skincare essentials. Order your complimentary set now and enjoy free shipping.

Your free Sample Set includes: 1 x EPI-gN Serum sachet, 1 x Detoxifying Exfoliant sachet, 1 x Cellular Eye Repair sachet [3 x 3 mL/ .10 fL.oz]

Our Australian made skincare was formulated over two years in partnership with Professor Derek Richard, Scientific Director at the Cancer & Ageing Research Foundation in Queensland. Every ingredient was carefully considered for its purpose, and we use the right ingredients in the right amount to create real change in your skin. Your best skin awaits with Ellus & Krue.

Simply add our free Sample Set to your cart and checkout with nothing to pay. You'll receive our three samples and an exclusive discount for your first purchase. 

Limit of one free sample set per customer. 

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" I love this sample set, they have become my favorite E&K products" Kyle. M




EPI-gN Serum

EPI-gN™ Serum is a true multitasker, helping to prevent and refine the visible signs of ageing with antioxidants and plant-based actives.

Created by Professor Derek Richard, this anti-ageing serum works to address the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles and lack of elasticity in the skin. It contains no less than 18 evidence-based, quality ingredients, all of which play an important role in helping to improve the tone, texture, and natural radiance of your skin.

Ideal for prematurely aged and sensitive skin, our EPI-gN™ Serum will:

  • Improve your skin tone
  • Calm redness
  • Refine texture & plump the skin
  • Rehydrate
  • Help to refine & minimise the appearance of fines lines & wrinkles
  • Reboot your skin’s natural radiance

Cellular Eye Repair 

Your delicate eye area needs a little more TLC.

Our natural eye cream is an intensely moisturising treatment created to help hydrate and firm the top layer of skin around your eyes, and in the process, reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Detoxifying Exfoliant

A physical exfoliant to help refine skin tone, texture, and radiance.

This skin-refining exfoliant uses superfine pumice to allow for a deeper clean, removing impurities and expired skin cells that can build up and lead to congestion and breakouts. It also helps to clarify skin tone and texture. Hello glow!