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Free AUS express delivery over $150

Detoxifying Exfoliant Sample Pack


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Detoxifying Exfoliant will:

  • Fast track the removal of dead skin cells that can cling to the surface of your skin, making it appear dull and uneven
  • Promote fresh new skin cells to the surface
  • Clarify your skin, allowing for more efficient cleansing, toning & moisturising
  • Help to improve the appearance of congestion & breakouts
  • Refine skin tone & texture
  • Revive your natural radiance

It uses superfine pumice to allow for a deeper clean, removing impurities and expired skin cells that can build up and lead to congestion and breakouts. It also helps to clarify skin tone and texture. Hello glow


After cleansing, apply an almond-sized amount of Detoxifying Exfoliant into the palm of your hands, mix with a little warm water and gently massage into your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove and follow with pH Balance Gel Toner and moisturiser. Use once or twice a week.

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 Contents: 3 x 3mL/0.10 fl. oz. sachets