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Welcome Set
Leigh Connor
Love the products in my welcome set

I received my order of the Welcome Set within a couple of days.
The packaging was beautiful and also contained sample eye creams and facial scrub in a lovely gift bag with a personalised thank you card enclosed.
The cleansing gel, serum and night cream are all beautiful products and a little goes a long way.
I will certainly be ordering more products from Ellis & Krue.

Best exfoliator used

Love this product, the fine pumice actually feels like it is polishing your skin

Night moisturiser

I like the moisturiser and wish I could use it cause I liked the feeling of it on my skin, but I am sensitive to Retinol but thought I would try it but would recommend it if your not sensitive.

Intensive night cream

I have been using both the serum and night cream for several months. My dark spots and skin redness are gradually fading so that my overall complexion is clearer. Good hydration also and not heavy. Recommend this combination of products for overnight.


This Serum has made my skin softer and glowy. Coming into Winter, my dry skin issue i see every year has been solved! 10/10

Hi Jemima, we are so happy the EPI-gN Serum is helping you get rid of dry skin! Our hero ingredient French Lilac is responsible for giving your skin a boost of hydration! Ellus & Krue

Skin Concern Set
Sharyn Parsell
Fabulous skin

I am loving my samples I bought. My skin feels amazing and the fine lines on my face
are not showing as much anymore.
Looks like I will have to invest in a bottle next :)

Hi Sharyn, if you got such a great outcome from the samples just wait and see what happens to your skin once you use the EPI-gN Serum for 4-6 weeks. The results will amaze you! Ellus & Krue

Greatly improved complexion

Being in my early 60’s and growing up when sun creams were not developed, and a tan was ‘a must have’ means significant skin damage. I read and related to the company back story. I welcome an Australian developed product based on science and botanicals. I have been using the serum for 5 months and recently started using the night cream. The products feel beautiful on your skin. My skin redness has decreased, sunspots slowly fading and overall my complexion has improved. My skin also is less dry. Next the day cream. I strongly recommend them.

Hi Karen, thank you for your review. Prof. Derek Richard really took the time to carefully select ingredients like curcumin and french lilac in the EPI-gN Serum which help with skin redness and pigmentation. We are so glad you are seeing change in your skin. The night cream is a fantastic complementary product to the EPI-gN Serum, we can't wait to hear what you think about the Hydration Day Defence. Ellus & Krue

Intensive Night Repair

Is a rich in goodness but light in application. My skin drinks it in. My skin is dry due to my age and the medications I need to take. So it helps give back. Very happy with this moisturiser, it compliments by skin routine. And the Retinol helps were mother nature can no longer. Highly recommend this product.

Hi Marie, you are exactly right, Retinol (Vitamin A) is such a fantastic ingredient. It's a powerful antioxidant which targets fine lines and wrinkles while refining skin tone. We are so happy the Intensive Night Repair is working for you. Ellus & Krue

Excellent Results EPI-gN Serum`

I now been using the Serum for 4 months and the results are amazing. Great stuff.

Hi Carol, this is great news! We would love to hear what changes you have notices in your skin. Ellus & Krue

Ellus and Krue EPI-gn Serum

I have been using this Serum close over a year. My skin seems to drink it up and provides a barrier and protection. My skin remains supple and I have had no adverse effects. Im in my 50's and in my 30's acne rosacea was a curse. No more.

Hi Marie, we are so happy the EPI-gN Serum is working for you. Prof. Derek Richard made sure to include powerful antioxidants like curcumin, french lilac and Vitamin B3 / Niacinamide which all help support the skin and strengthen your skin barrier. Again, we are so glad it's working for you. Ellus & Krue

Hi Heather, thank you for the 5 stars! Ellus & Krue

How good is this

Just been on holiday and I do not take it in away as it sometimes leaks under the cap. But as usual my skin comes back looking like sandpaper even though I used a very expensive alternative. My skin is thankful I am home.

Hi Alexa, we are so glad the EPI-gN Serum is working for you. Thank you for letting us know about the packaging. We will be looking into this. Ellus & Krue

Get great on my skin, didn’t make my skin feel heavy or unbreathable

Hi Ashleigh, thank you for your review. We are so happy you found our samples light on your skin. This makes them easier and quicker to absorb without making your skin feel uncomfortable.

Great products

Really enjoyed testing out these products . Unfortunately I won't be buying as they are out of my budget but would definitely recommend

Hi Rachel, thank you for your feedback.


Gentle on the skin yet effective

Hi Valerie, we are so happy you are finding the EPI-gN Serum gentle on your skin. It was specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

AMAZING Toner!!!

The texture of this Toner, the way it feels on my skin, applying this Toner and its firming feeling......its simply amazing. Your skin will thank you ❤

Hi Alaina, thank you for your review. It is definitely a very different toner than traditional toners out there, we are so happy you like it!

Very nice

Early days with intergrating the serum into my inconsistent night routines...but it works with my skin, relieved.

Hi Penelope, thank you for your review. If you like the EPI-gN Serum now, wait until you have used it consistently for 1 month, you will LOVE it!


I was pleased with the product and will purchase in the near future thank you for the samples there great

Hi , thank you for your review, we are glad you like our products. They are our best selling formulations and a great way for new customers to try before they buy.

Night moisturiser

Started using this about 10 days ago, a medium texture and feels nice .

Hi Adrienne, thank you for your review. It's great to hear you are starting to use the Intensive Night Repair. This product has Retinol (Vitamin A) so we recommend you use it for a few more weeks to start to see visible change in your skin.


Really lovely products

Night repair

I don’t have to use much. My skin is looking very soft and healthy. My dry spots have gone. My friends are saying I look radiant, better than I’ve looked in a long time. Thank you Ellus & Krue.

Hi Gayle, thank you for your review. The Intensive Night Repair has a good amount of Triglycerides which prevents water loss, this may be contributing to your beautiful radiance in the morning. We are so happy the Intensive Night Repair is working for you.

Intensive Night Repair Anti-Aging facial moisturiser

I have tried all the moisturisers over decades and this is the best I have ever tried. When worn in conjunction with the Serum it creates the Wow factor and my skin looks dewy!

Hi S.I, thank you for your review. We are so happy our moisturiser is working for you. We have chosen power plant actives in the EPI-gN Serum to be able really give you that healthy skin glow.


I have very sensitive skin and find it very hard to find a product that wont leave my skin irritated. I've never used a product like Ellus & Krue skincare that has left my skin so smooth and rejuvenated! Very happy with their products, would reccomend to anyone! 10/10 !!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your review Larna, we have had such a great response from people with sensitive skin.

Wonderful products

Repair eye cream smells and feels amazing on the skin and so is the serum ..Some seriously good products👌🏼

Hi Guliani, thank you for your review. The eye cream is one of our best selling products rich in Retinol and the EPI-gN Serum is high in French Lilac. We really focused on high quality ingredients. We are so happy you liked our products.

I absolutely love it. The eyecream is the best I've tried. Thankyou

Hi Jennifer, thank you for your review. We are so happy you like the eye cream, we really tried to ad the right amount of Retinol for optimal results.