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Inspired By Nature & Informed By Science

Our skincare heroes are inspired by the power of nature & informed by science. We use only high-quality, potent plant actives backed by evidence-based research. Those plant actives are carefully chosen for their efficacy and have been combined in the right concentration to initiate change in the skin without irritation.

Evidence-Based Skincare

Our products are created and tested in collaboration with Professor Derek Richard and his team at the Cancer & Ageing Research Foundation (CARF). Their Cancer & Ageing Research Program (CARP) is a comprehensive cancer research initiative that brings together the minds, skills, and experience of internationally regarded research teams of surgeons, clinicians, and scientists. Professor Richard’s pioneering work into ageing remains ELLUS & KRUE’s guiding light.

Authentically Australian

We’re an Australian family business and favour local suppliers and raw materials for most of our manufacturing and packaging needs. We formulate and produce our ELLUS & KRUE anti-ageing essentials in Australia with the help of homegrown science and innovation by Queensland’s Cancer & Ageing Research Foundation.