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ELLUS AND KRUE Referral Program

Join the ELLUS AND KRUE referral program by registering using the form below, get your unique referral code, then share it with a friend and you'll get $10 cash for each referral and they’ll get $20 off their first purchase over $60.

How it works

Share your unique referral link via email, SMS, social post, or carrier pidgeon - the more you share the more you cash you get back. Your referral friend must be a first time purchaser and they need to spend more than $60. We offer free express shipping for orders over $75 so let them know how to save on shipping too. Because you're such a great friend, and you're helping spread the word about ELLUS & KRUE you and your friend can use the following discount code to get 20% off your next purchase.


Just enter this code into the cart to claim your discount

Three days after your friend orders from us you will receive $10 deposited into your Paypal account to withdraw.

Getting free product is fast, simple and easy.

STEP 1 - Get your invite link (referral code) by registering below

STEP 2 - Share your referral code

STEP 3 - You're friend spends $60 or more, they get $20 off their first order, you get $10 cash paid to your paypal account.

No strings, just get your unique code, share it and be rewarded