His skin was covered in sunspots and inflamed; no matter what he did, it wouldn’t get any better. Some days he didn’t even want to go outside or see others.

“Nothing dad was putting on his skin was making a difference,” said Anthony Painter. “After decades of working outdoors in the construction industry as well as enjoying his fishing (mostly while using sun protection), he struggled with skin cancer from the age of 50.

Simply put, he was miserable…

“Just after his treatments, his skin would always be dry from the liquid nitrogen, and he couldn’t find products to help him. Having gone through so many treatments, his skin was terrible,” said Anthony.

Anthony and his siblings saw how he was suffering and decided that they needed to get to the root of the issue and help their dad find relief.

Finding a Sunspot Solution Against All Odds

For over a year, the family worked with a local compounding pharmacist. “We went back and forth on ingredients to form the basis of a compound that would make him feel better.” 

The research took them down the path of creating a serum that is intensive, relieving and amazingly light to wear throughout the day and night.

The concentrated drops of a serum would penetrate their dad’s skin deeply. It was a costly solution, but thankfully a very small amount of serum lasted for months. 

“In the end, it was the ONLY thing that would make our father feel better,” said Anthony. “It was so effective in helping decrease dad’s sunspots and discomfort that we decided we needed to share our discovery with the world.”

Other members of the family and friends couldn’t get enough of it, so the team of siblings knew they were onto something.

In fact, it was so impactful for all who tried it that they took on the challenge of creating their own line of skin soothing and nurturing products.

Ellus & Krue's EPI-gN Serum

A Chance Meeting with a World-Renowned Scientist

“Initially, we didn’t even know where to source things. We didn't know where to get product containers and boxes, or handle the labelling, testing, regulatory and compliance requirements,” Anthony said. “I was in the construction industry like my dad, so I had no idea where to start.”

Then, just a year into their new venture, a chance meeting took the family business into the realm of evidence-based skincare.

They happened to meet Professor Derek Richard, the scientific director of the Cancer and Ageing Research Foundation at Queensland University of Technology, a microbiologist world-renowned for his work on the science of ageing. 

“Professor Richard knew what ingredients and formulations would work to target dehydration, redness, and sunspots while helping combat signs of ageing,” said Anthony.

“We decided to go all in. We weren’t going to skimp on ingredients, the serum had to work for everyone who tried it.” 

Working in collaboration with the Foundation, Ellus & Krue developed the ground-breaking ultra-nourishing EPI-gN serum, ensuring it had all the right ingredients and most importantly at the right percentage to create real change in the skin. 

The “super” serum has antioxidants to clean up free radicals, stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce redness and sunspots, and stimulate cell growth. 

Professor Richard’s carefully balanced formula for EPI-gN includes: 

  • Curcumin with its soothing anti-bacterial properties, to reduce redness 
  • Wakame seaweed to smooth the skin back to plump and hydrated 
  • French lilac for antioxidants and phytonutrients
  • Naringenin to protect skin against moisture loss
  • Nicotinamide to refine texture and create firmness

“All these active ingredients work in unison and the correct concentration of each ingredient ensures the skin receives the precise amount of what it needs,” says Professor Richard.

“What’s unique is that every ingredient in the serum does a job in the serum. There are no fillers, and every product is at the right strength without compromise,” he said.

After Anthony’s father Tony started seeing results from using the serum, the product was shared with more family and friends. They quickly fell in love with it and they’d come back asking for more.

No matter what anyone's skin type was, from oily to sensitive - everyone saw the same results - fewer sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles, a refined skin tone and skin that was more hydrated than it had been in a long time,” said Anthony.

“We didn’t know it at the time but collaborating with Professor Richard we were creating a game-changing skincare product. After using the serum, our dad’s inflamed and sore skin healed rapidly, but there were other benefits based on the formulation,” Anthony said.  

While the serum is extremely effective and powerful, it’s easy to wear under moisturizer and makeup. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sappy or greasy. 

“We want everyone with challenging skin conditions that don’t seem to go away that ultra-nourishing EPI-gN serum was made for you. People always said dad likes to help people. This way he has helped make a product that’s not only good for him, but he also gets to help a much bigger group of people,” said Anthony.

Click here to learn more about Ellus & Krue’s EPI-gN serum. 

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