B Corp is the global certification that you’re about to see a whole lot more of and with good reason. You’ve probably heard us mention a few times that we’re B Corp certified but what does it mean for our brand and how did we achieve it?

Here’s what you need to know about B Corp and what it means for the community, the environment and why more companies are getting certified.

Why is B Corp Important?

B Corp is all about making businesses a force for good. Companies can be certified B Corp if they meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

It’s a globally recognised credential that publicly endorses business that are making an impact that goes beyond the norm, that are actively trying to be more inclusive, and build a more sustainable economy. Australia doesn’t have a national regulation or standard certification around sustainability which is why B Corp certification gives consumers a sustainability certification that they can trust.

One company alone cannot change the world, which is why a collaboration of likeminded business is needed to tackle a problem together and create systematic change.

How Did Ellus & Krue Get Certified?

To become certified, we took part in a business impact assessment and had to achieve a minimum of 80 points to qualify. We were evaluated across areas including governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. The entire process took a year to complete, and we received our certification in December 2020 with an overall impact score of 104.7. That’s double the score of the average business that completes the assessment.

We scored highest in the community category, which includes diversity, inclusion, charitable giving, locally focused economic development, and supply chain management. We pride ourselves on using local suppliers and supporting other Australian businesses and it shows with our score in this sector.

What Brands Hold Certification in Australia?

Not only were we proud to receive our B Corp certification but we are also the first Australian skincare company to be certified B Corp. There are over 5000 B Corporation’s across the world with 510 in Australia ranging across industries from finance to engineering to cosmetics and wellness. Were a part of a formidable group of B Corp certified brands in Australia including Bassike, Aesop, T2, Kathmandu, Bellory, Patagonia and Emma Lewisham.

What’s Next?

Now that were certified, the work has only just commenced. Every three years we are reassessed by B Corp to ensure that operating to the same or improved standards as our initial assessment. We’re not perfect and every day we work to be more sustainable and inclusive, and strive to be a force for good.

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