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2 X EPI-gN Serum for $200
2 X EPI-gN Serum for $200
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Limited time only. Ends Sunday
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Challenges your skin can face and how to address and prevent them

Challenges your skin can face and how to address and prevent them

Stress is definitely not our friend and particularly not for our mind or our skin. We all deal with different stresses, whether from our jobs, families or the environments in which we live.

For many of us, a quick check of our emails and the commute into work can have our stress levels climbing well before 9am and by the end of our day those anxiety levels can be through the roof. These 2020 modern-day stressors take not only a toll on our minds and bodies but also our skin.

Have you ever experienced unwanted breakouts and changes to your skin during times where you're under more stress than normal?

If you’ve always suspected that stress has the power to make your skin act up, then prepare to feel validated. Maybe you’ve realized your eczema flares most when your responsibilities are spiraling out of control. Perhaps it feels like a new pimple pops up every day when your personal life is in a shambles.

It’s not in your head - feeling stressed out really can affect your skin.

High levels of stress can cause a chemical response in your body that makes the skin more sensitive and reactive. While stress alone isn't the cause of acne, pimples or sensitive skin - age, hormones, bacteria and other factors definitely play their part - it is very apparent that stress can trigger breakouts and make existing acne and skin issues worse.

For the skin, stress falls into two categories: acute or chronic. The more detrimental form of stress for the skin is the chronic kind of stress. The longer you endure stress, the more it takes a toll on your skin. If your genetics, environment, or both make you susceptible to certain skin-related ailments, this inflammation can also make them flare up. Stress is a general trigger that can make the skin misbehave in whatever way it’s prone to misbehaving.

Let’s say you’re predisposed to eczema. Feeling overwhelmed with stress is one trigger that can make its characteristic patches of dry, itchy, inflamed skin bloom across your body. Same goes with psoriasis, a condition that causes sore, irritated, scaly blotches of skin, and rosacea, which can lead to reddened facial skin and bumps that might feel hot and tender to the touch. Of course, acne is in the mix, too.

So, the question we all want answered is, can we prevent these stress-related breakouts and if so how?


Alongside changes of diet, interference with your normal day-to-day skin routine can upset your skin.

To promote regularity for the skin, try to follow the same simple skincare regime each day to avoid any unwanted breakouts. Applying the Ellus & Krue Hydro Gel Cleanser daily will remove any impurities that congest the skin including excess oil and make up. The high content of active ingredient Aloe Vera immediately hydrates the skin and promotes skin elasticity.


When experiencing high levels of stress, breakouts may not be the only unusual thing your skin is facing. Some people experience bumps, redness, become inflamed or even break out into a rash.

To assist with these unwanted challenges we have scientifically formulated an EPI-gN™ Serum that can calm and repair your skin back to normality.

The EPI-gN Serum contains active ingredients that have the ability to neautralise free radicals, leaving the skin hydrated and glowing. The concentration of amino acids found within the EPI-gN Serum can also help repair the skin's collagen, leaving it firm and smooth.
Soothe stressed out skin with our Ellus & Krue gently calming range of products.

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