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Cancer Research from a different angle

Cancer Research from a different angle

By 2030 half of all global deaths will be from cancer, that’s 13.1 million deaths per year. Our chances of getting cancer in our lifetime is approaching 70%. Professor Derek Richard is committed to combating this devastating disease by using an innovative approach to treatment combined with an international multidisciplinary team of world class scientists, clinicians and surgeons.

Professor Derek and his team look at cancer from a different angle. Most cancer research looks for mutations in genes, however Professor Derek takes a step back and looks at the fundamental cause of all cancer, genetic instability. By looking at the genetic code, they have identified genes that never change when cancer develops, because it’s these genes that allow cancer to develop and survive.

The link between cancer and ageing

So why is a skincare company partnered with a scientific research foundation that's trying to stop cancer before it starts?

Through their research, Professor Derek's team have discovered a link between proteins that are involved in both cancer and ageing. They have identified a key protein that's increased in all cancers and when they block this protein in the cancer cells, they die.

This same protein is linked to other proteins that are important in the ageing process. It’s still early in the stages, but through experiments they have been able to change the activity of some of these proteins that may delay the ageing process and the onset of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and arthritis. We are excited about the future of these developments which is why we donate a portion from every sale of every product to their research.

We all know someone who has been touched by cancer and we want to help advance research into ageing and cancer through our innovative skincare.

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