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Natural Skincare Ingredients Proven To Work

Natural Skincare Ingredients Proven To Work

You need to be able to trust that whatever you put on your skin is safe. At the same time, any skincare you use should actually work too. There has been a recent revolution in people turning to natural skincare for the first reason, however, not all ingredients are created equal. So, when you use them on your skin you know they’re not only safe but will deliver results. Here is a who’s who of those natural skincare superstars, including where they come from and what they do. The best natural skincare ingredients proven to work are...  


This yellow compound found in turmeric is more commonly prized for its delicious taste in curry dishes. Curcumin isn’t just great as a culinary delight though. Scientists have recently discovered its benefits on skin. Studies prove that curcumin protects skin by quenching free radicals and calms skin by reducing inflammation. Curcumin even helps increase elasticity and decrease pigmentation and wrinkling caused by long term exposure to the sun. Luscious curry, meet glowing complexion. A wonder of the natural world.

Undaria Pinnatifida

Undaria Pinnatifida might be its scientific name but you know this natural skincare ingredient as something much more common - seaweed (or Wakame). This ocean gem is an antioxidant powerhouse, which calms oxidative stress on your skin caused by physical and chemical environmental pollutants. If the level of oxidants on our skin exceeds the antioxidant defence capacity, it leads to the degradation of collagen fibers and skin cell function. This leads to older looking, stressed skin. By boosting your antioxidants you boost your protection and, in turn, reduce the signs of aging. Thanks, seaweed.


This powerful ingredient found in citrus and tomato skin is the most abundant flavonoid in these fruits. Flavonoids are especially important to the skin as they help protect skin from UVB light. Naringenin exhibits potent anti-photoaging effects, inhibits UVB‐induced wrinkle formation, and reduces trans‐epidermal water loss. That’s all a fancy way of saying Naringenin helps nourish healthy, glowing skin. Something to look out for in any natural skincare products you choose to use.

French Lilac

Last but certainly not least in our best natural skincare ingredients proven to work is French Lilac (Galega Officinalis). French Lilac has been used since medieval times for various medicinal purposes but has only recently been used as a topical on skin. Professor Derek Richard, collaborator at Ellus & Krue, discovered that French Lilac’s power on the skin is phenomenal. It’s both a natural antioxidant with free radical scavenging activities AND has amazing skin calming properties due to its rich source of phenolic compounds. So, stop and smell the French Lilac. Not just a pretty bouquet.

How can you incorporate these ingredients into your skincare routine?

Knowing all about these natural skincare ingredients that work is only the start of making them work for you. Obviously, you can’t just go rubbing food, seaweed and flowers over your skin. Well, you could, but that would be a little weird. The best approach is to always choose skincare products that contain ingredients you know are responsibly sourced and, if possible, come from nature. Check the ingredients list on the back of any bottle. Look for the above compounds and ensure there aren’t any extra nasties there hidden in the small print.

For a skincare product formulated using all of the above, plus a few other proven ingredients, check out Ellus & Krue’s signature EPI-gN Serum™ developed in conjunction with Professor Derek Richard of the Cancer & Ageing Research Foundation.

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