Is Your Skincare Working Correctly?


It takes time for you to see the full results of your new skincare routine (we must be realistic; you can’t expect to look 20 years younger without cosmetic surgery) but how will you really know if your products are working correctly for your skin? One ingredient and one product alone are not going to change your skin overnight, however with consistent use and a combination of potent active ingredients you’ll start to see changes in your skin. Here are the most common signs to look for that your skincare routine is really working for your skin.

Less Congestion

Congestion can go each way. One is purging, and one is breakouts. If your congestion and flaking clears within two weeks of starting a new skincare routine, this is skin purging and means your new products are working. If you have persistent prolonged breakouts, this is your skin saying, ‘please stop giving me this ingredient’. If you don’t experience immediate breakouts or purging but your skin starts to clear up, that’s your skin balancing and regulating itself and your routine is working.

Oily skin can lead to congestion and breakouts

Your Skin Feels Hydrated and Less Oily

Hydration is key to glowing, radiant skin but its also key to your skin’s ability to regulate itself. While the overproduction of oil can cause breakouts, it can also cause dryness. If your skin looks hydrated and bright, your skin is happy with the products that you have applied to it. If it holds moisture, exfoliates on its own and is soft to touch, you on the right track to healthier skin. If your skin feels like it has a layer of grime or oil it’s time to change things up.

Your Skin Feels Less Irritated

Your skin is your largest organ so what’s going on in your body is reflected in your skin. If your skin is feeling itchy and blistering, this is your skin saying ‘STOP’ as you’re probably having an allergic reaction to an ingredient within product.

How Long for Results of Individual Products?

  • Cleanser: After rinsing, skin feels soft and smooth not dry, tight, or greasy. Results should be immediate with makeup and impurities removed and your skin should look refreshed and renewed.
  • Toner: After application your skin should feel softer, smoother and for oily skin the pore size should look more diminished. For full results, reduction in redness and pore size, wait one to two weeks.
  • Exfoliant: Delivers on instant results for those more impatient. Your skin surface feels smooth, dullness fades away and skin tone appears more even. With continued use, you should start to see overall improvement within 14 days.
  • Serum: Your skin will instantly feel smoother with an increased feeling of firmness and diminished appearance of wrinkles over a four-week period. Like with everything consistency is key, using a serum every day is not going to replace having a cosmetic procedure if your skin is that damaged, it is however going to make your skin look more radiant and reduce the visible signs of ageing.
  • Moisturisers: Your skin should instantly feel hydrated and not greasy. Fine lines and wrinkles will appear smoothed and plumped. Over an eight-week period, your skin should feel bouncy, hydrated and glowing.

It's not going to happen overnight (unless you’re using an exfoliant) but with consistent skincare routine, it will happen. The key is listening to your skin and looking for those warning signs and identifying when your skin is just loving your new products and your routine is working well for your skin health.

Detoxifying Exfoliant evens skin tone and leaves it brighter

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