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Hydrate your skin this winter

Hydrate your skin this winter

It's no secret that harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin, caused by bitter cold temperatures and dry air that deplete its natural moisture.

The number of skin conditions women suffer from rises significantly during the winter months. We can blame the temperature fluctuations, plus the drying effect of low humidity and the warmth of central heating, but how can we cure it? Well, it all comes down to hydration.

Don’t underestimate the importance of healthy eating for hydration. Eat nutritionally healthy, skin-boosting foods packed full of vitamins, minerals and anti-ageing antioxidants. Keeping well hydrated is key: aim to drink at least six to eight glasses of water throughout the day and keep alcohol and caffeine consumption to a minimum.

Don’t forget your beauty sleep, either. Sleep is a time where every cell in our body renews and repairs, so getting a good eight hours will help keep your skin in good condition.

Not only this, but with the right skincare routine and a few key changes to your go-to habits and products can help keep both face and body skin soft, hydrated, and supple, rather than cracked, parched, and chapped.

A few changes in your daily routine will give your skin the drink of moisture it craves. For example, applying moisturiser immediately after drying off post-cleansing or showering/bathing to help lock in moisture; pat (don’t rub) skin dry and apply moisturiser when still a little damp.

And finally, to avoid any dry and irritated skin this winter, ensure you are actively following a skincare regime that contains all the right ingredients that will make your skin feel like winter didn't even happen.

pH Balance Gel Toner

The Ellus & Krue pH Balance Gel Toner  works to improve your skin's tone and texture by reducing surface oil and minimising pore size.

Unlike most toners that immediately leave your skin screaming for a moisturiser after washing your face, the  pH Balance Gel Toner includes a high content of Aloe Vera that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and your complexion feeling fresh.

The pH Balance Gel Toner  also contains cucumber, a known natural skin brightener and rich in vitamin C to increase skin-firming collagen fibers. It also contains the perfect combination of plant actives that target clarity and hydration during the cooler months.  


For the most hydrated and soft skin that glows, apply the Ellus & Krue EPI-gN Serum after cleansing your face with the pH Balance Gel Toner.

Formulated in collaboration with the Cancer & Ageing Research Foundation in Queensland, the Ellus & Krue EPI-gN Serum is a powerhouse of antioxidants that targets fine lines, wrinkles, hydration and calms any redness or irritations. This revolutionary Serum contains floral extract, french lilac which can assist in the repair of unwanted redness and dryness.

The EPI-gN Serum also contains plant actives rich in phenolic compounds that neutralise free radicals, leaving the skin deeply hydrated and giving you that all-time glow.

Intensive Night Repair

With no makeup or environmental pollutants interfering with your skin in the evenings, it could be the best time to focus on your skin's hydration.

The Ellus & Krue Intensive Night Repair is a highly nourishing night cream packed full with antioxidants that both hydrates and stimulates collagen production which can minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting cell renewal. Plant actives found within the Intensive Night Repair include natural fatty acids that are essential to maintain the skin's natural lipis matrix, for a hydrated and smooth complexion.

The complete range is available to purchase online from Ellus & Krue  contactless and delivered to your door.

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