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Makeup artist and educator Charlotte Ravet is passionate about makeup choices for everyday women and brings effortless French beauty to the forefront of the Australian industry. Having worked in Paris with international style icons, fashion houses Prada and Miu Miu and with makeup and skincare brand ByTerry, Charlotte has now turned her attention to Sydney where she is a leading makeup artist and head educator for the Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup. We caught up (virtually) with Charlotte during the Sydney lockdown to talk all things fashion and beauty. 

Should We Change our Makeup Routine as We Age?

As we age we lose elasticity and collagen and we should use skincare products like the EPI-gN™ Serum to help with our skin texture but also look at the colour of our makeup. With age we lose the pink pigment in our skin and there is a big trend in Australia for yellow based foundation, whereas in Europe it’s more pink based. So I encourage women to change to a peach based foundation and a pink blush to enhance the pink pigment in our skin. Teeth naturally stain as we age, so for the lips choose lipsticks with a blue base as it will make your teeth look whiter. 

Charlotte Ravet - @charlotteravetmakeup

What are Your Makeup Tips for a Virtual Meeting?

When you jump on a virtual call you don’t always have the best lighting, the screen can make your skin appear pale and a little olive-ish, so you want to enhance the colour of your face. Apply a deep blue pencil in the upper eyelid of the water line before any virtual meeting. Compared to a black pencil, a blue pencil makes your eyes appear more open and the white of the eyes brighter. Go a little heavier than usual with some pink blush, even though you have quite a lot on you won’t see that on the screen. Always apply blush to the last third of your eyes and keep it away from your nose, otherwise you create the illusion of a dark circle. Apply a cream highlighter to the top of the cheekbones but don’t set it with powder. This will reflect the light and give you that youthful glow on the screen. My go to products for a zoom meeting are a light foundation, a bit of concealer, pink blush, cream highlighter, blue eye pencil and red or pink lipstick.

What Skin Issue is Most Common with Your Clients?

Since the start of the pandemic I’ve noticed a lot more women are having skin breakouts from stress and mask wearing. I’ve experienced a lot more breakouts myself especially in the past few weeks however I tried your beautiful EPI-gN™ Serum and in just one night my breakout was gone. It's been a big game changer for me. One of the biggest skin concerns that I’ve seen become more common is hydration. There is a misconception between dry skin and lack of hydration. Hydration is actually a lack of water in the skin so you can have oily skin that is dehydrated. It’s important to stop over drying skin and hydrate it with nourishing moisturisers like the Intensive Night Repair

Hydrating face serum, EPI-gN Serum 

What Makeup Trend Should End?

I love the fact that social media has allowed people to become more creative with their makeup and develop their skills, however it’s also started a trend that I would like to disappear and that’s thick foundation coverage and full contour. Less is more. I often have clients come to me and say “I feel tired so please put a lot of makeup on me today” but actually if you feel tired you want to put less on and enhance the beauty of the skin by working with more translucent textures on the skin. 

Why Should I Use a Primer?

I strongly recommend using a primer, especially if you apply foundation as it really prepares the skin and your makeup will last longer. I love using a smoothing primer on more mature skin as it’s going to fill the little fine lines and wrinkles and I also use it around the lips to avoid lipstick bleeding. A luminising primer is great when you want to wear more lightweight makeup. It really makes your skin look luminous underneath. If you apply more lightweight products, like a BB cream or CC Cream, you can skip a primer. 


Photographer: Rafiur Rahman; Model: Jessica Irish; Makeup: Charlotte Ravet

Does Makeup Clog Pores and Cause Breakouts?

If you wear thick coverage of makeup and apply lots of products to your skin, your skin won’t be able to breathe. So it’s more about the product than the makeup, best to find a product with ingredients that work for your skin and go for a less is more approach with coverage. There is a misconception that foundation should cover your entire face, however the actual job of foundation is to even out and enhance the natural complexion. First apply a thin layer of foundation and then if you have a breakout or pigmentation, go in with a concealer and apply it locally. 

What's the Biggest Makeup Trends this Year?

I always look to Paris Fashion Week to see the forthcoming trends and it looks as though we will see the retro trend coming back into fashion with 1960’s inspired looks. One of the current trends that is going to last quite a bit longer is what we call glass skin, which is that beautiful no makeup look of plump, moisturised, healthy and glowing skin. Full and thick eyebrows is also a trend that is here to stay so don’t over pluck your brows like we did in the 1990’s.

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