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2 X EPI-gN Serum for $200
2 X EPI-gN Serum for $200
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Limited time only. Ends Sunday
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Beauty Hack - three ingredients you should have heard of but probably never have

Beauty Hack - three ingredients you should have heard of but probably never have

Skincare has come a long way since makeup wipes and a moisturiser from your local grocery store. As our needs have increased and we become more savvy, industry experts are helping to change the face of the beauty industry with exciting and innovative ingredients that help to protect and perfect all manner of skin concerns.

One such expert is our partner in skincare, Professor Derek Richard from the Cancer and Ageing Research Foundation.


Prof. Derek Richard has worked with us at Ellus & Krue to create products that contain natural active ingredients which can help prevent the signs of premature ageing.  So what revolutionary ingredients has Prof. Derek Richard included in his scientifically formulated skincare products?

Beauty hack #1: Peptides

Peptides are one of the most talked-about ingredients in the field of anti-ageing skincare. When applied to your skin, they demonstrate remarkable benefits, revitalising your skin and making it more resilient and stronger. Peptides are short chains of amino acids that act as building blocks of proteins such as collagen, elastin and keratin. These proteins are the foundations of your skin and are responsible for its texture, strength, and resilience. Peptides can have a beneficial role in slowing down the ageing process, reducing inflammation, and destroying microbes.

Peptides are an anti-wrinkle active that stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of wrinkles by promoting cell repair. Applying natural peptides for skin topically may increase your body’s production of peptides for skin. When applied topically to the skin, peptides act as little messengers, triggering skin cells to perform specific functions such as building collagen and elastin, encouraging skin to look and act younger.

Ellus & Krue's Intensive Night Repair is a nourishing night cream that, when applied daily, can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and targets the fine skin around the eyes. Peptides are an essential ingredient in the fight against ageing and should be part of your everyday arsenal - because the need for cells to behave as healthy young cells requires daily attention.

Beauty hack #2: Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a plant with powerful medicinal properties that can be used in a variety of ways. Most often applied to the skin and scalp, Witch Hazel is widely known for its ability to ease inflammation and soothe sensitive skin.

Not only that, Witch Hazel is one of the oldest beauty ingredients known to assist with scarring and evening skin tone. It is a potent antioxidant that neutralises free radicals, reduces pore size and soothes sensitive skin. Ellus & Krue's pH Balance Gel Toner reduces surface oils and impurities from the face and can assist in the balancing of your skin tone throughout the day under makeup.

Beauty hack #3: Curcumin

Curcumin is the key active ingredient in turmeric and gives turmeric its distinct color and flavor.

Curcumin is a protective antioxidant that can help increase the skin's elasticity and decrease pigmentation in UV damaged skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and can aid skin issues such as dryness, irritations and redness. Including Curcumin in your skincare routine will improve your skin's overall tone and leave your skin firmer, enhancing its texture. Ellus & Krue's EPI-gN™ Serum was designed to do just that.

Increase your daily dose of plant actives in your skincare routine and with the Ellus & Krue range.

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