Don't Have Time to Get to the Beauty Therapist for a Facial?


Don't have time to get to the beauty therapist for a facial? Want to look after your skin at home but not sure where to start? By using professional skincare tools, you can pamper yourself at home and create a healthy, glowing complexion. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of beauty tools and home facial devices on the market. So which ones are best? Read on for our guide to the best professional skincare tools to use at home and the best skincare products to use.

From facial rollers and skin tightening tools to anti-ageing high tech devices, here’s the ultimate list of professional skincare tools you can use in the privacy of your home.

Gua Sha

Based upon the ancient Chinese practice of blood circulation and energy flow, Gua Sha for the face uses a curved crystal. By gently scraping the Gua Sha tool along the contours of your face, you can help reduce muscle tension and fine lines and wrinkles.

Gua Sha can also enhance your circulation by improving lymphatic drainage.

Derma Roller

Derma rollers are hand-held devices with micro-needles that are gently rolled over your face. The microscopic incisions caused by the derma roller cause your skin to go into repair mode, which stimulates collagen production. When more collagen is produced, your face will look smoother and have fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Once only performed in beauty salons, using a derma roller at home gives you the same results where any products you use afterwards are absorbed more effectively.

Face Roller and Beauty Rollers

You’ve probably seen face rollers and beauty rollers on your social media feed. Those hand-held devices have two roller balls or a tiny rolling pin made from rose quartz or jade. Using a face roller regularly not only reduces the stress and tension in your face but has the following benefits:

  • Improves circulation and blood flow to your face so your skin feels firmer and looks brighter.

  • Reduces puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

  • When stored in your refrigerator, face rollers can soothe and cool your skin. This is particularly useful if you want to tighten your pores and reduce puffiness before a big night out.

  • Helps distribute serums and oils evenly over your face, neck and décolletage.

Facial Toning Devices

These hand-held devices use microcurrents of low-voltage electricity to your skin to lift and tone your face in just 5 minutes. First used in the 1980s as a Bell’s Palsy treatment, microcurrent technology has been used for years to create lift and bounce of the face.

This non-invasive therapy stimulates energy production to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. After using facial toning devices, your skin will look tighter and more toned with a “lifted” appearance.

While facial toning devices are popular to use at home, it’s important to note that the professional devices used in skincare clinics can be more effective because they use higher energy wavelengths.

The correct order to apply your skincare routine.


For optimal results from your home beauty routine, it’s important to take the time to cleanse your face. Ellus and Krue Hydro Gel Cleanser   is a gentle, hydrating cleanser that removes makeup, sunscreen, and impurities. Use a pump of this balancing cleanser and massage into your face, neck and décolletage. To remove the cleanser, we suggest you use Face Halo, an environmentally friendly makeup remover that can be washed and reused or a face chamois that’s made from silky-soft cloth.

Cleanser for dry skin, Hydro Gel Cleanser


Regular exfoliation of your skin can help improve skin tone, texture, and radiance. Detoxifying Exfoliant gently removes dead skin cells, allowing your face to be smoother and more able to absorb moisturisers.


After cleansing and exfoliating, we suggest you use a toner like Ellus and Krue pH Balance Gel Toner. This innovative, gel-based toner minimises pore size, evens skin tone and leaves you face fresh and radiant.


Applying a potent anti-ageing serum like Ellus and Krue EPI-gN™ Serum can prevent the visible signs of ageing, calm redness and even your skin tone. For optimal results, we suggest using this for between 4-8 weeks.

Using an intense moisturising eye cream in the morning and just before bed will help improve the texture and tone of the skin around your eyes. Ellus and Krue Cellular Eye Repair has been specifically formulated to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eye contours.

For a luxurious moisturiser that provides all day hydration, you can’t go past Ellus and Krue Hydrating Day Defence. Formulated with a protective shield against environmental damage like pollution, this long-lasting moisturiser leaves your skin plumper and with a youthful, dewy finish.


For a luxurious night cream that delivers what it promises, try Ellus and Krue Intensive Night Repair. Specifically formulated to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone, this moisturiser also helps your skin recover from the damage done during the day.

Night cream for dry skin, Intensive Night Repair

Need help with your skincare routine at home? Get in touch via the Ellus and Krue contact page. 

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